Stayin’ Cool with the Huckabuck

By Alaijah Hill and Keya Jefferson A typical New Orleans neighborhood on a hot summer day. The sun is beaming in your face as you walk around the corner, and you see friends and neighbors of all ages passing by. You briefly greet them with a, “Hey, how you doin’?” As you pass, you may… Read More Stayin’ Cool with the Huckabuck

Cooking Delights

By Jalyn Ferrand & Keishaun Thompson One afternoon, in the quaint kitchen of a New Orleans East home, the pleasant aroma of praline candies dances through the air, tickling the noses of passing neighbors. In the heart of kitchen, Andrew stands over a large metal pot, concentrating with a sly grin on his face, stirring in… Read More Cooking Delights

The Come Up

By Sabria Earin and Charlotte Lundy At every high school, there are at least a handful of students working on their come up as rappers. Growing up in New Orleans, people’s everyday lives are influenced by music. The music of New Orleans assumes various styles which have often borrowed from earlier traditions. The city is… Read More The Come Up

Fresh Grease

By Clydia Colston-Dean and Destiny Dupree You have probably seen that big pink building on Elysian Fields Avenue. We bet you have heard about how great the food is. We got a chance to get a close look and actually catch some of the history and some of the secrets to how they manage to… Read More Fresh Grease