A Skater’s Oasis

Amparo Eddington, Nigel LeBlanc, and Sylas Mitchell

On your way to school you pass over a bridge and you notice joggers, dogs, and bikers but then it crosses your mind: How come I’ve never seen a skater around before? Little did you know, right under the bridge, lies Parasite Skatepark. A place where people can display their admiration for skating. Where skaters fall and flip over half pipes and rainbow rails. The only part of Gentilly a skater can actually call their grounds. From ornate graffiti on the walls to crack in the concrete from the skateboards, the skate park is an absolute beauty for those with that passion for skateboarding.

All around New Orleans are ample bike lanes for your casual biker. But what about skateboarders? What do they have to embrace their love for skating to their disposal? Many fellow skaters have taken notice to this as well. “New Orleans has never been known
for its community of its skaters” says Paula, a skater and volunteer construction worker for Parasite Skatepark, “We want to be noticed too, you know? Show some skill, but that’s almost impossible without instruments to show off on.” She wanted to change the fact that there was no permanent place to get together and skate, so her and three other people went to City Hall and asked for a skate park. “Under a bridge was the last place I expected a skate park to be, at first I was a bit upset that it was built there but now that I look at it, it’s pretty rad.” People say that under the bridge was the best place to put the park, it shelters the equipment from the rain.

Parasite was built in 2012, by non-profit volunteers, including Paula herself. “I remembered how many people were excited to help, even the elders of the community didn’t mind lending a hand,” since 2014 new additions have been added to the park and well over 10k has been spent in relation to parasite. “I’m happy and proud to be a part of parasites skater community, and now that will be a place for people to go for generations to come.” Many other share the same enthusiasm and admiration toward the skate park, and are glad to call Parisite “home”.  

As the years pass, the history of Parasite Skatepark will grow. Its place in New Orleans will continue to shine, and will bring joy to many skateboarders alike. Parasite Skatepark is not only a place for people who like to skate, but also a symbol for those who are alike. A place that allows people to freely express their love for skating. Being it’s the only skate park in New Orleans, it depicts a proud influence on those who strive for a difference.

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