Because We Should

Lavelis Fountain, Bradley Rankin, Wolf Maxxwell Hunter

The Bible says that the homeless and the poor always gonna be there. There’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t have what we have.

It’s a cool, breezy day and you’re out on a road trip with your family. You stop at a rundown looking gas station, low on fuel. While your mom pumps gas you look over and see a man with a sign that says, “Any money will help. God Bless”. After you leave you wonder if there are any other people like that man in the world.

Homelessness has always been a major issue in the United States.

From January 2006 to June 2006 more than 1,150,000 people in the U.S. used emergency shelters or transitional housing. People have done many different acts to stop homelessness, especially in New Orleans. Homelessness is such a prevalent conflict because people can die from a lack of food or an appropriate shelter to sleep in at night.

People are inspired to feed the homeless for a variety of different reasons. Soup Kitchen volunteer, Al Mims, has had many experiences with the homeless population. “I looked around and saw people on the streets and on the corners and saw how people were throwing away food and people can waste a lot. What we throw in the garbage can feed our families and our children and I see children eating out of garbage cans, picking food off of the ground. We can do better,” explained Al.

Although many people are fearful of the homeless, Al isn’t and he actually seeks to help them, “It makes me feel gratified to help somebody ya know, it’s not just about me. It gives you a warm feeling.”

At such a rough point in their lives the homeless find it hard to show gratitude. Al stated, “The homeless population is an assortment of different age ranges, from toddlers to elderly men and women. Even though most homeless people are grateful for the things they receive, some are not.” There are a variety of reasons why these people can’t show gratitude, but Al doesn’t do it for that. “Not everybody, but some people are mentally ill and they have mental problems. I don’t do it for gratitude, I do it because it’s a need. Some people are selfish and if I did it for gratitude I wouldn’t get nothin’. Most of the people in my neighborhood don’t like me, I do it for self gratification. Somebody needs to do it.

One of the biggest questions America is faced with today is finding a way to end homelessness. Al explained, “The Bible says that the homeless and the poor always gonna be there. There’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t have what we have.

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