Next Star in Line

Melany Cutno, Taylor Quincy and Kyler Franklin

Throughout New Orleans you can hear the rhythm, the sound, and the beat coming from the city’s many talented musicians. As long as the music is playing, the city’s spirit will never die.  

In the Crescent City, music is very diverse and vibrant. Music in New Orleans is one of a kind and can be traced back hundreds of years. Since then, various genres of music have emerged but none are as popular as Jazz. Jazz in New Orleans is a way for people of all ages to relate to each other and be inspired. The city’s favorite pastime is known for attracting artists, no matter the age. A perfect example of this is a boy named Revon Andrews.

Revon Andrews is an eighteen-year old musician that plays a variety of instruments, including the clarinet and trumpet. However, his main instrument is the trombone. His passion began at the age of four or five. Revon explains, “well, I really picked it up…my dad plays and he bought me my first [trombone].” Revon comes from a family of musicians, including his dad, brothers and cousins. Not wanting to feel like an outcast, his journey as a musician began. Sadly, due to Hurricane Katrina Revon took a break from playing music for six years, waiting till his freshman year of high school to begin again. “I just started playing, going to different jazz camps around the city…and just practicing,” Revon says.

Before performing on stage regularly, he used to play on the corners of Jackson Square with his younger brother Revert. During that time, he was also a part of  “The Andrews Family Junior Band.” These days, he earns his money by performing on stage with various other bands in the area, as well as around the country. Although the pay is good and his living situation is comfortable, Revon is modest. “I still don’t consider myself a professional,” he admits.

Being a musician at his young age gives Revon a lot of flexibility and opportunities to expand his horizons. He exclaims, “you can be yourself…you get to travel. People pay you to travel…be creative…be spontaneous.” Speaking of spontaneous, Revon has plans for when he finally gets free time. “I’m going skydiving,” he says excitedly.

For now, Revon is performing around the city and getting ready to attend Berklee College of Music in the spring. Judging from his early start, it’s obvious that music will always play a large role in Revon’s life. He proclaims, “when you doing something…and you find out you love it…you’re gonna keep on doing it.” Revon’s career is just beginning, and his love for music will guarantee him a promising and eventful future.

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