Youth Off Streets

Semaj Barthelemy, De´Aundre Rumley, and Cornel Baker

In the city of New Orleans crime is the stealer of life. The youth are more and more focused on the street than focused in school. Since our youth are focused on it we should try our hardest to get them out of it. The streets are no place for the youth of New Orleans and it doesn’t matter how they were raised. In life we all make mistakes but it is our responsibility to make sure it does not fall down on the youth.

We the students at Sci High decided to interview Ny’keisha to see what she thought about our youth on the street. First off we would like to say that we all want to help the youth get off and stay off the street. The reason we care about this so much is because we are still considered as the youth of New Orleans. We can’t stand how the youth would get in trouble for street hustling or gang violence of any sort. We are also involved in some type of crime most of the time just for our skin color.

The group called Rethink works with youth to try to change things in New Orleans and keep kids off the street. They focus on youth and their needs as a whole. They teach youth how to act and work with a group. The way they are also doing this is pulling kids from streets and out of homes to help them. This makes the youth stay out of trouble and off streets.

We interviewed a participant of the Rethink group. We asked her if she feels her voice is being heard when she is at Rethink. She said “When I am at rethink I feel as if my voice as a “child” is being heard and my feelings are expressed. If I was a type of person that were to roam the streets I would be getting into trouble.

“Ask yourself that if  what you are doing Today is getting you closer to where you want to be Tomorrow” – Troy Collins. This quote shows that if you change your life today it can be a lot better tomorrow. This is also a positive message to send out to the youth of our city. The people we live with need to spread this message around to the youth so we can make them stay off of the streets. This is the reason why most of the children can be given a chance in the world to correct their mistakes.

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