It’s Not Over Yet

By Kyia Smith

Everything is changing and yet nothing is over

But it just keeps on changing and it’s hard to stay sober

Hard to stay away from this toxic atmosphere 

That they’ve created, meaning the scientists, and it’s brought so many near

Brought so many people, changed so many lives 

And this thing that I’m talking about is a killer in disguise

A specific disguise that seems unstoppable 

And yet it still manages to kill people that are small in size

By that I mean that no one is safe

From this thing, introducing our world to demise

Our elders can get it and the young ones too

So we wear a mask so that that doesn’t come true

But at the end of the day, what does that even do

Because we still have cases piling to a virus like the flu

But it’s not the flu, it’s worse

Because it’s contagious, get ready for your hearse 

But before that you’re going to go see a nurse

That’s going to tell you that you need to prepare for the first

Because it’s the first of everything

First of the century

That everyone is united

Including the community

Everyone is fighting 

They pushed us to the max and there’s a fire igniting

Protests were started

The tension is tightening

The fight for equality, doesn’t stop now

Because we just have to wait, has to be the perfect timing

And this is the part where they, chime in

Our sisters, our mothers, our brethren 

Because they don’t want to love another and to lose them again

And we will not forget the name of Trayvon Martin

The system keeps treating us as if we’re a toy

But we held protests in honor of George Floyd

It still isn’t enough, we need to do more

We have to let them know what we are hurt for

We explain our pain and they laugh in our faces

The faces of African Americans, as if we are disgraces

They enforce these rules, to put us in our places

But in actuality, such rules are racist

Look at where our amendments are written

They tried to put gloves on us that aren’t even fitting

Then they get mad whenever they’re called out

 Seriously are you kidding?

Because that’s like saying 2+3 is 15

And if you agree then obviously  you don’t know what that means

You see something so clear, so evident, and precise

And you still decide to play dumb, or at least that’s what it seems

To the ones of the newer generation Z

The kids that are taking over the internet

Oh I said kids, sorry I meant teens

This generation is the future of our society

But they also need to remember to pursue their dreams

They have to remember that their happiness comes first

And I keep saying “they” as if I’m not a part of the team

Oh and that thing I was talking about earlier, bring it back

You know, the one about diseases, disguises, all that

The thing that I was talking about carries a strong aroma

But it’s more contagious than deadly and it’s called corona

You have to wear a mask so that you don’t get it 

And supposedly it came from China but, you know what forget it

I can’t say too much or it’ll get controversial

Something like politics, and advertisements on commercials

Everything is changing, just look at the schools

One day we’re in person, the next we’re following rules

They said to stay home and they closed down businesses

I guess in case anyone tried to go against their wishes

Now we’re learning online, instead of in person

And personally I kind of like it but I also miss the burden

Of being in school, being bothered by my friends

We would have arguments and then talk to make amends

But now all we talk about is the next time we’ll see each other

However we don’t even know if that’ll happen cause in the end

Yes our world still needs our work and we will show her

That everything is ending but nothing is over.

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