Meet Me at the Barbershop

Thaddius Coleman and Sheldon Scott

Barbershops have a ton of spectacular facts and pieces of history. They are a place where men of the local community can feel safe talking about politics and different issues involving themselves. The customers who have visited barbershops for so many years can tell you how barbershops have transitioned from a certain time to the present.

Barbershops are often segregated along racial lines, but not intentionally because they are based off of where you live, or your community. However, they are not segregated because they have different ages, genders, and all different walks of life. In the barbershops, they have lots of egos, and competition, but everyone there is like your family.

Because of where you live in your community, barbershops have different cultures and policies. At Precise Barbershop on 10800 Morrison Road in New Orleans East, you have to show respect in order for the barbers, Don and Harry, to give you respect.

Perfection Beauty and Barbershop Studio at 7242 Haynes Boulevard in New Orleans East there is no rulebook, so the rule comes out whenever you break that rule, that is your warning. But at Precise Barbershop, you also have to watch your language and respect everyone around you.

Perfection barbershop is the orange building. When the sun hits the building it very notable, but on the inside it glows. When you walk in it smells of hair spray. When you walk down the stairs into the barbershop you see smiling faces of laughter. The head barbershop Mr. Eric cuts hair in his shirt and tie while he lights up the room with conversation about different topics.

Depending on the owner of the barbershop, and depending on their egos, a barbershop can be a place with a lot of competition. A barbershop that’s in another barbershop’s vicinity will probably try to compete for the largest amount of customers.

For example, I used to attend a barbershop that was at least 11 miles away from my house at Wind Run Apartments. But, when I heard about Precise barbershop and how it was drawing in business my mom automatically sent me there. Also I got sick of being at the same barbershop because the barber there were messing up my hairline. So, I thought the barber at the new shop would be better and he was. The first time I went to the new barbershop I thought to myself,’’ this barbershop has a wonderful atmosphere.’’

When I asked Don what the customers like most about coming here he told me, “It’s a pleasant place to be with no ignorance. Everyone speaks to you even if you know them or not.” Don is hilarious and has a pleasant attitude. He also takes his time when he cuts your hair and always asks me how school is going.

The other barber Harry also is hilarious and has a pleasant attitude. He really enjoys the presence of children, and loves to watch sports on the television. My cousin also gets his haircut there. He says, “I come to this barbershop because it has a good atmosphere and doesn’t allow ignorance. Every time you walk into Precise Barbershop you here laughter and the sound of ESPN announcers on the bigset. It smells of freshly cut hair. You see men who act very mature and little children who are full of life. This barbershop has earned the name Precise Barbershop.

Thaddius Coleman and Sheldon Scott are freshmen at the New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School.