By Chelsea Woods

Tattoos are art. Permanent art. Permanent art in which one’s body is the canvas and the canvas cannot be wiped clean.

Tattoos tell a story. Anyone with body art can tell you that getting a tattoo is painful. When I walk into the tattoo shop to get mine, I realized how painful it was. It hurt so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore, but I persevered through the pain so that my skin could be a unique canvas for my own expression.

My first tattoo is of my mother, to express how much she means to me and how much I love her. The second tattoo got was when I was 17 and is a rose on my hand. The reason why I got the cross tattoo with my brother and grandmother was because I was having nightmares about them, and my hope was that this would protect them.

I have two tattoos on my neck, on one side it says “love” with two dice on it, and on the other side I have “faith,” because I need faith in my life. I also got my Pisces sign because it is said that we are borderline psychic; we sense things and pick up on stuff so easily, mostly because we pay attention to the smallest details around us that nobody else would notice. I feel a strong connection to my astrological sign because us Pisces, well we are the wild ones.

I would love to get angel tattoo on my stomach, on the top it is going to say “earth” and on the bottom, “angel,” because I feel like they watch over and help you.