The Mortuary

Teresa Bui and Noel Wolf

The Mortuary, located on 4800 Canal St, New Orleans, is one of the most haunted places in New Orleans. Built in 1872 by Mary Slattery, she originally wanted to build the home for generations of her family. Mary and her husband, John, their six children, and their family friends Mr. and Mrs. John Kane stayed at the Mortuary for 33 years until the house was sold to Mrs. Marie Lafontear and William Klein in October 1905. They maintained possession of the home until May 15, 1923.

A woman dressed in white was seen on the top floor crying her husband who had already died. According to legends, beyond the walls of the home a tall well-dressed man appears when he believes people are disrespecting the cemeteries telling the offenders to silence. The living  have pranked by apparitions of two boisterous children, a boy and a girl. Employees have often seem a former mortician continuing bloody work in depths of the basement. Footsteps and whispering voices have been heard throughout the building with one even being there. After the first investigation was proved successful many other paranormal investigative units, such as Pensacola Paranormal, came to the property to find their own evidence of the undead. These investigations were true. The building is now open for ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiast, amateur, and professional investigators to find their own evidence of ghosts. The home is equipped with over 30 cameras and built in custom microphones to listen to and record EVP’s. Electro Magnetic activity can be used by visitors to experience what researchers see when they say paranormal activity is occurring and equipment to detect temperature fluctuations.

In 2004, the property was sold to EHN2 Holdings, also known as Neil Corporation, which owns Aveda’s Spas. Neil Corp’s goal was to turn the funeral home into a Day Spa Academy. He gutted the property, removing everything except wood framing, doors and staircases. During this process, the CEO of Neil Corp died under mysterious circumstances, forcing the board to end the project and put the gutted building up for sale. It remained abandoned for three years. In 2005, the house managed to survive Hurricane Katrina due to its relative high ground. Jeff Borne, owner of PSX Audio/Video Technologies, purchased the home to create the Mortuary Haunted house in 2007. Due to the reports of strange occurrences over its long history and people that have reported hundreds of strange phenomena happening at the Mortuary, Jeff was approached by a paranormal investigative unit base out of Los Angeles. Many people that have visited or worked at the Mortuary have seen many paranormal sightings.

The Mortuary house looks very calm, pleasant, and peaceful in the daytime, but at night it looks very creepy and ominous. It’s a big white house that is kind of similar to a museum. It has trees around it and a very old cemetery on the side. It also has six pillars in front and some on the sides to hold up  the building. Usually around Halloween time it’s decorated with even creepier decorations that make the house stand out. It also has an American flag by it, it is sign and a gargoyle gives it an even better effect. It has stairs in the front, and it’s signature sign, but most importantly there is one window that stands out. It’s a very grand house that looks to hold many secrets inside.

Guests have seen apparitions and have been poked and pushed by ghostly hands. According to Starr Robinson who worked at the Mortuary, “Everybody who has worked there [has] had some kind of experience whether it was a touch or a voice they he It’s of a guy leaning on the wall looking at me it looks like a priest with eyeglasses from a different century wearing a Moroccan hat. This picture was taken while I was just playing around with some of my friends in the dark it was only us three in the whole house, ” Starr says. She has even caught a glimpse of a spirit. “The laughter of children have been heard and many people have witnessed statues moving. Now The Mortuary is the world’s first real training ground for ghost hunters, relying on anecdotal and evidence in an attempt to prove to the world that ghosts exist.”

Teresa Bui and Noel Wolf are freshmen at the New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School.