The Mysterious Haunted Hotel. Checking In.


By Jalyn Ferrand and Destiny Dupree-Story

There’s an old hotel in the French Quarter on Royal Street that everyone claims to be haunted. It is known as the Hotel Monteleone.

Not everyone believes in ghosts, but this may change your whole opinion on the idea. Legend says the restaurant door opens every evening but then closes. I bet you think it’s the wind. Explain this? The elevator stops on the wrong floor. Maybe, it could be a glitch in the system? Can your eyes play tricks on you? People can see ghostly images around the hotel. What do you think of the eerie feelings you have and can feel people touching you? Wait! They’re no people around. Could it be a ghost or is it just your imagination? Tons of people died in the hotel in different mysterious ways and people say those people now haunt the hotel. The International Society of Paranormal Research stayed at the hotel and conform that they are many different entities in the hotel. Still think it’s a joke? Well let’s find out.

Hotel Monteleone has been on the talk of the season, for being quote unquote “haunted.” We have decided to write about this mysterious hotel to see if Hotel Monteleone is really haunted, or if the hauntings are a hoax, and to find out if any secret activity is going on.

Founded in 1816, by Antonio Monteleone, it is said to be one of the most haunted hotels. A really famous haunting would be about a little boy named Maurice. He was only a toddler when he drowned in the bathtub. So, now his spirits wonder the 13th floor in hopes of seeing his parents. They`re have also been reports of kids laughing, sounds of footsteps, and loud screams. Their famous Carousel Bar, which has been in many films, is allegedly haunted by adult spirits who have died in the hotel. Or are they just looking to mingle?

Now to really scare the socks off of you, a former staff member died in the hotel by the name of William “Red” Wildemere of natural causes. But don’t worry, William is friendly, or is he? Also, a staff at Hotel Monteleone has reportedly been locked in a hotel bathroom by an “unknown source”, also she has stated that she has had someone, or something scratch or touch her when she is cleaning unoccupied rooms on the 13th floor.

Hotel Monteleone is a haunted hotel that will scare you to death. But, to us Hotel Monteleone is worth investigating, to see if this hotel is authentic New Orleans version of haunted, or just another hoax to make big money. Also this hotel will bring the community together, because everyone in New Orleans loves haunted attractions, isn’t that what we are famous for?

Jalyn Ferrand and Destiny Dupree-Story are freshmen at the New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School.