“Be Appreciative”

by Kyia Smith

She was a 2014 graduate of a university called Xavier

And even though he didn’t know, he still could’ve saved her

Life, but instead it was all a blur

And we get used to these things that normally occur

Because while they’re happening we don’t pay attention; we’re not sure

She wasn’t just your average human; she had dreams

To graduate from a university, next is Medical Team

While she was at Xavier, she studied medicine

And this is the story of Atatiana Jefferson

Jefferson was in one of the biggest states on the Earth

And inside was a place, a city called Fort Worth

Sadly, this is where Jefferson was murdered

But I’m going to tell you the story in case you haven’t heard

Jefferson was in her house, playing because they were bored

By “they” I mean her and her nephew, when a sound happened that couldn’t be ignored

Fort Worth non-emergency had received a call,

And I’m not saying it’s their fault but this is what started it all

A concerned neighbor made the call because the front door was open

And they had reason to suspect that in that house, there was motion

However, they should’ve gathered some sort of notion

Before jumping to conclusions, causing a commotion

It’s just like as I said before,

Her and her nephew were playing while a sound was heard that couldn’t be ignored

Eventually she got up to investigate,

However the outcome that happened did not seem like fate

The officer went and approached her house

She retrieved her weapon. He saw movement and began to shout

The officer claimed that he told her “put your hands up”

Now this is where the communication gets mixed up

He claimed that he yelled that before he shot

He killed her because she was a threat, or at least that’s what he thought

And it’s not like she could duck, something like Limbo

But instead she was shot through her own window

After her death, then came the media and the press

And the family tried, but could not take all this stress

While trying to cope with the fact that his daughter would not come back

The father of the daughter then had a heart attack

Atatiana was killed early morning October 12th

Her father, close to a month later, died November 10th

I didn’t write this to try to make you ignore it,

And pretend like life’s okay, go and make amends

So if you’re the one who seems to believe

That life isn’t all what it seems

Be grateful for those around you,

Because you never know when you might be the one to grieve

So tell everyone how you feel about them,

Because we could be the next ones to leave

So since you never know when will be the last time you breathe and live,

You should go forth in life and be appreciative.

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